Experience and technology: the guarantee of flawless results

The combination that guides our approach to processing? Quality and completeness, to ensure we take care of everything from the acquisition of materials to their processing, exercising full control over every stage of the processes.

Experience, expressed in the ability to find the right solution to every specific need and problem, combined with the adoption of state-of-the-art technology, allows us to deliver what we promise: excellent results.
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LAMEC Lavorazione - Taglio laser fibra

Fibre laser cutting

From 10 to 152.4 mm in diameter.
Special pipes and profiles. Stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminium and brass.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Taglio lama

Blade cutting

From 8 to 80 mm in diameter.
In-process internal and external deburring of the ends.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Curvatura da barra

Bar bend

From 4 to 60 mm in diameter.
Fixed and/or variable radius, automatic and manual loading.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Curvatura da bobina

Coil bending

From 4 to 12 mm in diameter.
In-process end deformation.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Deformazione


From 4 to 50 mm in diameter.
Widening, trimming, tapering, threading, rolling, moulding.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Saldatura


TIG, MIG, braze welding, electro-welding.
Stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper, brass.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Finitura


Satin finishing, polishing, surface treatments, washing, pickling.
LAMEC Lavorazione - Assemblaggio


Mechanical assemblies of specific products to supply the finished product to the customer.